Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


Believe it or not, I was actually going to make a post about this photo before I noticed weekly photo challenge had the theme eerie, but it works out perfectly.

This famous photo was taken by Ignatius Russel Sorgi in 1942. He was travelling back to his office when he followed an ambulance to the scene where 35 year old Mary Miller was standing on the ledge of the Genesse Hotel. After clinging to the eighth story ledge, she made a little wave and let go. Sorgi caught the last few seconds of her life, frozen in time 15 feet above the sidewalk. There is something about seeing this woman falling to her death that leaves me feeling eerie, and yet I still think this photo is beautiful.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite







I missed last weeks photo challenge therefore I’m providing two photos for this week.



This is a photo I took while viewing the Concentration Camp Vught in Herzogenbusch, Netherlands. I feel it captures infinity because you can see the leaves traveling down the never ending muddy river.


This is a beautiful local spot I like to go to when I’m feeling stressed. It’s a cliff that provides a wonderful overview of the North Atlantic ocean, specially at sunset/sunrise. It captures infinity due to the endless skyline.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated



I took these photos at Pont de l’Archevêché – otherwise known as Lovers Bridge or Bridge of Love. (located in Paris)


I really enjoy Weekly Photo Challenge (even though I missed last weeks and I’m late posting this one… oops hehe). I really enjoy this weeks theme of saturation because I just love saturating the shit out of photos. It can really make a photo so much more beautiful. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside



•I keep everything inside•


They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and for those who might be wondering, yes these are my eyes. I keep everything inside; feelings, thoughts, emotions etc, which is why I’m intrigued with this weeks challenge.  I’m studying Psychology at university to understand all the mysteries behind how the mind works, specifically my own hahah. 

Orientation For The Freshman.

So as I stated in one of my previous posts, I’m starting University. Today was the first day; Orientation For The Freshman. I wasn’t entirely sure of my feelings towards going to orientation, I was excited and nervous. The group of ‘friends’ I had made plans to go with ditched me, so I was riding solo (what’s better than showing up to orientation alone?) Fortunately, one of my old friends offered to go with me (she’s also a freshman attending the school) We had our tour of the school and all was going well until they started activities to get to know the other 2,000 freshman. Now normally, I’m moderately shy and would avoid awkward social situations such like this one, but I decided I would make an effort to get to know some people. Oddly enough, as fast as I made that decision I backed out of it just as fast. I didn’t pussy out because I was scared (or maybe I did, I don’t know) but in that moment I felt vulnerable. Surrounded by 2,000 other people and I felt alone.  I was looking around at all the happy faces and all of sudden I felt gloomy. Sometimes my brain likes to make me aware that in social situations, everyone around me could be (and most likely is) judging me for my flaws, which causes me to generate an unnecessary amount of stress and (to my embarrassment) shame. I know that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my flaws because that’s what makes me who I am but my brain doesn’t let me think positively in regards to that topic. I participated in some things but I sat out for most of the activities solely on the fact that I was embarrassed about something that no one should ever be embarrassed about. It’s an issue that I’m working on and the progress is slow but hey, progress is progress. Orientation Part 2 is tomorrow so I made a promise to myself that I would try hard not to be self-effacing. Wish me luck.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


I took this photo while I was travelling in France. It was a beautiful little town that had numerous nooks & crannies just as lovely as this one. This photo doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Sea’ to me, but I think it is a beautiful picture of the sea.  I can perch by the sea for hours, in fact, I have done that. There’s just something about the big blue that intrigues me and allows my brain to relax. For me the Sea produces a sense of tranquillity. It’s where I go to unwind.

About Me

My name is Rebecca and I’m 18 years old. I’m fresh out of High School and about to start university. I wanted to move away for university so I could start an adventure but unfortunately I am going to a local university due to finical reasons and therefore will be living at home with my parents for the duration of this school semester. I have an older sister named Melissa, who wishes to be a theatrical actress (she has her Bachelor Degree of Arts so far). I however, have no idea of my future plans. I’m an undecided student taking general studies in the hopes that something will spark an interest. I think I’ve just found the topic of my next post “The Undetermined Future of Miss Rebecca”.  Yeeah no. That would just be a miserable post of me endlessly rambling about how I can’t seem to figure out what I want to do with my life.  The majority of my friends have their shit together and know who they want to be.  So rather than write about my unwritten future, I’ll write about a past experience which everyone can relate to. High School. Keep your eyes peeled.